Saturday, November 5, 2011

Got my first PTI order - FINALLY!!! :)

After placing my first order a couple weeks ago, it finally arrived on Friday.  I was panicked the post office would send it back since it had my physical address on it, and we only have PO Boxes in town. But it arrived and I got it safe and sound.  I put my cardstock sampler away and put the multi-color button mixes (all three that they carry) on one of my shelves.  I already have two PTI stamp sets that I bought used from someone on the forums, so I'm at a good start. 

Order #2 comes in on Monday, lots more cardstock and six of their $5 stamp sets as well as a few patterned paper sets.  I can't wait till that comes then I can start designing again!!!  It's such a pain to change vendors and leave yourself with nothing until your new stuff arrives. Talk about withdrawals!! LOL!

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